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Blip.fm – hellokinsella radio arrives

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Blip.fm is a new web app that lets you tell people what you’re listening to… with a comment.

The look and feel is also similar to Twitter posing the simple question ‘What are you listening to?’.

It’s a really nice example of integration and how apps and services are finally feeling “more connected” hooking up to Twitter, Last.fm, Friendfeed and others.

Rubbish Exhibit A:

I press play in iTunes, like the song, and want people to know about it and have a listen.

iScrobbler listens to what i’m playing

Last.fm receives that data and publishes it

Blip.fm looks at that data to help make suggestions for my “blip”

Twitter automatically sends out a new ‘”tweet”

My Facebook status and blog rss feeds are now updated with a direct link to the listen to the MP3.

The frustrated DJ inside me is grinning.

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