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IKEA Response To Blacklash

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After 50 years of using the iconic Futura typeface, IKEA has made a switch to Verdana,

As you can imagine outrage and outcry followed.

This is the absolutely brilliant response from IKEA:

We’re surprised, but I think it’s mainly experts who have expressed their views, people who are interested in fonts. I don’t think the broad public is that interested.

Verdana is a simple, cost-effective font which works well in all media and languages.

What do you think?

Does it matter what “experts” say compared to the “general public”?

Ikea are a very design based company so you’d have thought they would’ve paid more of an interest.

But I like their downplaying of it citing ‘practical reasons’. It kinda works.

Interesting anyway.

Read more about it Idsyn

The New Umbro.com

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I’m really into the new Umbro site.

They’ve embraced all the right tools out there at the moment (Blogging, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, eBay and Twitter) and have really pulled off a great experience.

Straight away the brand feels fresher and more relevant.


All strategy, creative ideas, concept development is by Anomaly, who worked with Rokkan on the main framework. The England work is by Perfect Fools, and the Speciali customisation is by my friends over at Enjoy This.

Here’s my Kinseltown FC boot made with the Speciali customisation.

Kinseltown FC.png

Talking to Justin and Fraser I know they got this bit out in about 2 weeks which is an amazing effort. (And not one they want to repeat haha).

Siteinspire also caught up with Paul Graham of the creative agency, Anomaly London to find out more about the fantastic new website for sports brand, Umbro. Read the interview.

Agency info via FormFiftyFive.

Top marks all round.

New site design in full:


Pockets: Visual Voicemail for Twitter

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Pockets lets you leave a private voicemail for anyone on Twitter and they’ll be notified via @reply.

Early days, but looks promising.


Another one of those cool / innovative apps growing around the Twitter ecosystem.

It uses the simple Twitter OAuth for authentication.

via Tom Ajello

Game Over by PES

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Stopmotion video of classic computer games by PES.

YouTube link.

“Very few people know that the original Pac-Man character was modeled after a pizza. And this is confirmed by the creator of Pac-Man in a couple interviews that are online. And I thought that that was a beautiful idea – but let’s put that together in the most direct form. Let’s actually animate a pizza as a Pac-Man with a missing slice.”

via TheNextWeb

best. site. ever.

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This got a 70+ retweets so I thought I’d post it up.


Get ready for the epic of threeframes.net


Ben Stiller

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Loving this from Ben Stiller.

Hey, this is my first “post”

YouTube link.

Buzzwords thrown about willy-nilly with a great comedy delivery.

Ben Stiller asks Ryan Seacrest to “Tweet” about him

YouTube link.

Looks like he’s planning to create content just for the web.

What a funny wee man.

There’s more funny shit going on at his Facebook and Twitter.

Scratching Heads. Literally

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Rare footage of Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc.

The film features turntablists The Scratch Perverts and beatbox genius Shlomo as the drums.

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.

via MrDoob / Neave

Movie Award Leftovers

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Mad genius from the guys over at FatalFarm.

“Months back MTV asked us to make some shorts similar to our TV intros for the 2009 Movie Awards. We did a handful. They aired the Star Trek bit and a skit we made with The Lonely Island but passed on the rest.”

YouTube link.

…and they were like…uhhhhhhh

Great spot by scam…

8-Bit Trip

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Take a look at this mental video. The guys that made it reckon it took 1,500 hours of moving LEGO and taking photos of them. It shows.

With an accompanying 8-bit soundtrack. Get in.

YouTube link.




Extra images via Fuzbiz.net

Gorgeous 3D short film by Alex Roman

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“The Third & The Seventh” – a CG short by Alex Roman.

Kahn’s Exeter Short Film from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

Louis Kahn’s Phillips Exeter Academy Library. Footage from “The Third & The Seventh” project for illustrating Mundos Digitales 2009 conference.

All done with 3dsmax, Vray, AE and Premiere.

Impressive stuff.

More here: http://vimeo.com/user1337612