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Star Wars ad for Currys & PC World Megastores – The Dark Side of Advertising

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This Star Wars ad for ‘Currys & PC World Megastores’ broke last night during the X-Factor.

Created by M&C Saatchi for the Dixons group. It’s gorgeously shot and clearly it’s been created with fanboy love and attention to detail. They even got David Bailey to shoot the posters too. But I hate it.

These were magical characters from my youth. Timeless creations that battle evil in a universe far far away. I don’t want to see them bumbling around a retail superstore.

“R2D2, where are you?”


Ah he’s thinking about buying those Remington Hair Straighteners for Princess Leia.

What next..? Superman selling Santogen. The Wonder Women Tampax ad?

Maybe I’m taking it all too seriously, but I’m having my favourite childhood memories used against me to sell hairdryers and washing machines. This is a step too far.

I don’t even hold Graham Fink and the creative team (Orlando Warner and Steve Paskin) at M&C Saatchi responsible here. It’s their job to make this sort of thing happen. They were thinking big and they got away with it.

I hold Lucas Licensing fully responsible for protecting the magic of Star Wars and they have just destroyed any last bit of magic and credibility the franchise had.

Star Wars. You have jumped the shark. You are DEAD TO ME.



After reading a few comments I want to make it clear that I don’t hate the execution of the ad itself. As I said it’s beautifully shot and the care and attention to detail shows. The music works and there’s more humour in there than Lucas managed in his most recent efforts. It’s about these once magical characters being used to sell tv’s and vacuum cleaners.


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  • http://wideeyed.myopenid.com/ typical

    Lucas jumped the shark when he sold the franchise to fast food outlets yeaars ago. Lucas growing fat on the obesity of the developed worlds youth — something to be proud of.

    All big producers all do it and it’s sad. What would Tolkien have had to say about that shit that has his characters all over them? Not to many nice things I’m guessing.