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Some Things To Read

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Yes that’s right…. TO READ. No nice videos or pretty pictures. Save them to Instapaper, Read It Later, or whatever you use… but you should get stuck into these.


Minimum Viable Personality
I seriously love this. Personality as marketing. via Martin

The New Rules of Marketing and PR
Nice simple categorisation of social media strategies – Entertain Me, Help Me, Love Me. via Niku.

Lets Kill ‘Landfill Marketing’
Tim Malbons’ deliberately provocative deck from MeetDraw’s Silicon Beach Event.

Three Major Trends Unveiled in Interbrand’s 2011 Best Global Brands Report
Today, if you think different, you win.

The Four Technologies You Need to Be Working With
What do Netflix, Zipcar, Nike+, Amazon, the Nintendo Wii, and the Apple iPhone all have in common?

Why Ad People Burn Out
And why caring about doing great work is important.

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