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1 month in at Stinkdigital

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(Some not very good photos of Stinkdigital London)

I’m 1 month into my new role as Exec Producer: here’s 10 things I’ve noticed.

  1. We work direct with brands and in partnership with agencies.
  2. We get lots of enquiries.
  3. We are lucky enough to be selective about the work we take on.
  4. We have a core of fulltime staff backed-up by a pool of trusted freelancers.
  5. We run the business on Google Apps. (Gmail, Google Calendars, Google Docs)
  6. We use Google Talk in the office and Skype for international calls.
  7. We use shared docs and collaborative editing… a lot.
  8. I haven’t opened MS Office since I started.
  9. I have 2 regular meetings a week (one at Stinkdigital, one at Stink) and a call with NYC.
  10. The meeting room is usually free.

The thing I’ve really noticed though is how fast things move. No I mean it…. really fast. It’s built into the DNA of the place. Part through necessity, part through planning. Obviously that brings it’s own subtle challenges; but on the whole it’s been really refreshing.

Apart from how we work; the actual work is pretty great too.

We started the year off by winning FWA Site of the Month for CNN Ecosphere, we then launched Wrangler Europe SS12 Directed by Arno Salters. and we’ve just been rated in the Top 5 Production Companies Worldwide in The Gunn Report. There’s much more great stuff in the pipeline too.

I can’t believe it’s February already.

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  • Andy McCormick

    Glad to hear it’s going well Andy. I can totally relate to what you’re saying in terms of the way the company operates – I’ve moved from a big company to start-up and it’s really refreshing.

  • http://www.crackunit.com/ Iain Tait

    2 meetings a week. That’s not proper work.
    You’ll go soft and get things done.

  • http://www.addvalue.com.au/ logo items

    You have a very well organized and neat place. Were in all the things and computers are properly placed at there corresponding places. Plus the lights and the idea of the middle table makes it an instant conference room.