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Egg Timer iPhone app

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Love this app for Kalles that tells you how to boil the perfect egg, but also puts a playlist together that, when finished, means your egg is ready. It’s a small thing but a really nice touch.

I see way too many apps that are packed with “things” and “features” that don’t do any of them very well. Much prefer this single focus / brilliant execution approach.

By CP+B Europe, the app has already been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

Konkreet Performer app

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A new music control and performance instrument for iPad. Its multi-touch interface reconnects the musician’s
 actions directly with the music. Use Performer to play your Synth, operate your DAW, or anything that receives OSC or MIDI.

Available now in the app store!


Uzu. A kinetic multitouch particle visualizer for the iPad

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Bit of a mouthful. Kinda defies description. But I like it.


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Very cool iPhone “Voice Control” alarm clock app

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via youtube.com

I’m going to try this out later.

Interesting to go for completely voice / no-touch in an app, but I like the look of it.


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Make London rose-tinted

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Photos of Streatham, taken with the Cross Process iPhone app.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Nike and Coke release iPhone apps

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The big boys are coming to mobile, we all know that, and it seems people are happy using ‘branded’ apps as long as they’re kinda useful.

Coke go for their take on Spin The Bottle. It’s OK. Not something you can imagine using that often. Maybe one for the “yoofs”.

Nike offers a bit more. Training Club lets you login to your Nike Women account. There’s also links to your workout plan via YouTube.

Both are nicely designed, but Nike pips it for me.

Nike app developed by R/GA





Coke app developed by Sapient





Read more: http://www.adweek.com/aw/content_display/news/e3i2e2fd2bc31136679b8a0d91f4a321ff9

Blip.fm – hellokinsella radio arrives

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Picture 1.png

Blip.fm is a new web app that lets you tell people what you’re listening to… with a comment.

The look and feel is also similar to Twitter posing the simple question ‘What are you listening to?’.

It’s a really nice example of integration and how apps and services are finally feeling “more connected” hooking up to Twitter, Last.fm, Friendfeed and others.

Rubbish Exhibit A:

I press play in iTunes, like the song, and want people to know about it and have a listen.

iScrobbler listens to what i’m playing

Last.fm receives that data and publishes it

Blip.fm looks at that data to help make suggestions for my “blip”

Twitter automatically sends out a new ‘”tweet”

My Facebook status and blog rss feeds are now updated with a direct link to the listen to the MP3.

The frustrated DJ inside me is grinning.

Shazam and Midomi: Sounds like a magic trick, but it’s mobile technology voodoo

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Recognise music anywhere

I’ve been playing with a few Apps for my new iPhone and there’s some nice stuff out there. Netvibes, Remote, Last.fm and Facebook are on my “keep” list and one of these will be next.

Shazam and Midomi have slightly different features sets but both use some very clever technologies to recognise music; and ask what to do with it if identified.

The camera work is shaky and this guy sounds pretty stoned but here’s Shazam in action.

This brave fella called Soldier Knows Best (great name) bust out his singing skills for a demo Midomi.

Both are free downloads, although Shazam only for a limited time. Maybe they’re both trying to get me hooked before they charge.

Some other thoughts of interest i’ve seen:

If Apple was smart, they would keep these music apps free. It is just another portal for people to purchase music from iTunes which of course, will make them a profit. If they start charging, they might as well start charging just to have the iTunes app on our computers.

I would think that Apple would be smart to negotiate a one-time fee, carry the cost themselves, and continue to reap the benefits.

Maybe Apple will look to buy-up one service to integrate and offer it as part of iTunes. Anyway, take a look.

Shazam at the iTunes App Store:

Midomi at the iTunes App Store:

More info:

Music everywhere you go. Muxmaster is your mobile jukebox.

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Muxmaster is a wicked desktop app built with Adobe AIR that lets you stream music from Muxtape.com, and explore different mixes to find new music.

All my iTunes music is on an external HD which I often can’t be bothered carting about so this app is great if I’m travelling or streaming music around the house at the weekend.

We’re developing 2 AIR apps at glue at the moment and it’s clear that it’s sexy interfaces you can create and the cross-platform nature is really giving the desktop app / widget market a good kicking… but this is one of the best out there.

Have a look:

For streaming I use AirTunes and Airfoil.

Update your Facebook status via Twitter

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I’ve just got into Twitter, early days and who knows if it’ll stick. I do love the way it captures a moment though.

So if you use Facebook there’s a nifty little app that lets you keep updating your blog + mates, whilst it updates your status in the background.



UPDATE: There’s seems to be a problem with the official app at the moment. You can’t get into your Facebook admin page to change the settings. They’ve also added an forced “is twitter:” prefix to the status. Not cool. An alternative is Twittersync, but i’m hoping Twitter sort out their official client sharpish.

UPDATE x2: All fixed.