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Webcam Face Tracking + 3D Flash Scene

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The video doesn’t really do this justice.

There’s a mouse-driven version – but you don’t really get the wow factor.

If you’ve got a webcam try the full demo for yourself here.

There’s the potential to do some really cool stuff with this.

Tone Matrix

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Tone Matrix is a simple sinewave synthesizer triggered by an ordinary 16-step sequencer. Each triggered step causes a force on the underlaying wave-map, which makes it more cute.

Would be great to be see it support save and add more patterns so you can create bigger pieces, but it’s a lot of fun to play with.

It’s like a little brother to the Tenori-on. (see demos below)

DJmag reviewer Marc ’01′ demo of the Yamaha Tenori-On.

Little Boots – Ready For The Floor Hot Chip Tenorion Cover

IF you like it there’s more Flash / Audio experiments from Andre Michelle.

Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality is hot property at the moment. Using Motion Capture and modeling you can create amazing animations in a full 3D environment.

We just used some in a pitch and the client was blown away.

Until recently you needed to spend a good amount of money to get the most out of AR.

That’s just changed.

Using only a webcam and the latest version of Papervision / FLARToolkit library, Digital Pictures have taken their character from the desktop to the desk.

It’s offers a new and exciting way to interact with flash content. The possibilities are wide open.

Papervision – Augmented Reality (extended) from dpinteractive on Vimeo.

Having messed around with AR for the last 3 months I’ve gotta say that getting this working in Flash is a mightily impressive achievement.

Read their whole blog post and try a live demo here:

Roxik show off some pretty special flash work

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Some lovely Flash AS3 work from Masayuki Kido, a freelance web designer from Japan.

He’s the guy behind the immense Eco Zoo

Check out his site and the 3D demos: